а у нас опять парти…

вот пожалуйста, у нас выходные полностью забитые вечеринками, начинается все в пятницу: все идут на футбол, приезжает испанская команда Мадрид что-то там играет с Ипсвичем, потом вечеринкаа у Алехандро. Думаю раньше шести утра люди не будут уходить. Так обычно в его доме случается.

В субботу еще вечеринка, переходящая на воскресенье, но может затянутся и до понедельника. А в доме Пили BBQ в субботу. Как с работы в пятницу уйдешь к Алехандро, так до понедельника домой можно не приходить.

Характерное письмо от Марчело, написанное так, что, мне кажется, даже в письме проглядывается сильнейший итальянский акцент:

Hello to all of you, and of course to you as well,

as maybe some of you already know this Saturday there will be an amazing party, for celebrate some people’s birthday (Frank, Marcello, Simon and Saimon) and some people’s departure from sunny Ipswich (Nathalie and Vladi) .

The plan is to make a really posh barbecue in Bolton Lane

Starting around 2-3 in the afternoon and going on until Sunday or at least until when the last person is able to move.

We’ll provide food and basic drinks.
Feel really free, but really really free, to bring something to drink or, If you want to eat something in particular, something to put on the charcoal, something which you think should never miss in a barbecue, like…. small or big sized pigs, sheeps, cows, squirrels, shoes, … feel even more free, than.

Depending on the time needed to cook the stuff (probably there will be some hors d’oevrue (sounds really posh, but is nothing special, really)), there should be enough food for feeding Ipswich Town center.

But if you arrive late at the party, maybe there will be only raw onions and some cold mushy peas left, alone in a sad corner.

I think is useless to tell you to take care, to do not do anything stupid or dangerous during the weekdays, to be ready to the party.

So, enjoy the rest of the week and see you Saturday.

Remember to bring your smart dress and a cool hat and/or a trumpet.
If you don’t have a smart dress or a trumpet our staff will provide you somthing at the entrance.

Deeply deeply yours…..
Frank, Marcello, Nathalie, Saimon, Simon and Vladi

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