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Наш главный коммисар или Chief Executive Officer BT Group, товарищ Бен Верваэн частенько, чтобы поднять наш боевой дух посылает нам послания написанные в доходчивом стиле. В них он как Ленин ходокам рассказывает про “свой простой взглад на вещи”, про смысл BT в этой жизни ;))) вообще говоря, интересно он пишет, вот почитайте:

This Thing Called Convergence

BT has turned the corner and is no longer a traditional telco.

As customers’ needs continue to change so we continue to find new ways of meeting those needs by investing in innovative products and services. That is what being a service company means.

In 2005, convergence is at the heart of BT’s strategy.

By convergence, we mean the ability to bring together our capabilities and capacities in new ways to make life better, simpler and cheaper for customers. For businesses this means productivity improvements. For consumers it is about new, easier to use services. For customers of all kinds it means a more joined-up communications experience.

For example, we offer major corporate customers a unique mix of networking experience and infrastructure with IT services. These used to be separate offerings, often supplied by different companies, but we are bringing them together in one place. It means that however much their operations are dispersed around the globe, our customers can communicate and operate as one – anytime, anywhere, and at lower cost.

What we are doing in the mobile market is also about convergence – we aim to offer customers a converged combination of ‘the best of fixed and the best of mobile’. Customers should not have to worry about fixed or mobile when what they really want is freedom and flexibility. This means that we have to find ways of helping them communicate, wherever they are, using whatever device they choose, at the right price.

And convergence is also what 21CN is all about. It can support a range of technologies and services to enable customers to do the things they want to do – faster, more seamlessly and more cost efficiently. Because this new network will support all the services which are currently run on separate networks, it will be more cost efficient for us.

There is no question that convergence presents tremendous commercial opportunities. Going after them requires that we work as a One BT team – respecting the right behaviours where our business is regulated.

Everyone in BT will act in the best interests of our customers, not in the best interests of a specific part of the business.

This is the measure of success we will apply. It shows that as a team we share the same goals and values, and support our colleagues to make it happen.

10 June 2005

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