я люблю кататься*

konki.jpgопять в Лондоне холод наступил, муха блядская! +2 в Лондоне почему то холодней, чем в Москве. за мерзкую погоду в Лондоне открывается уйма катков. кататься никто не умеет,  но они служат частью обязательной программы “рождество-ринглбелз-утка-шопинг-каток”. без катков нельзя! открываються они всегда в странных местах: один тут у меня прямо на газоне у Тауэра, или в центре Сити, куда банкиры ланч жрать ходят.

все катки маленькие, но безумно романтические, очень нравятся девочкам. рекомендую всем, кому надо кого-нибудь романтически очаровать. самый “романтишный” в Сомерсет Хаузе, там под классическую музыку в окружении архитектурного ансамбля 18 века, можно сознаться в том, что еще с детксого сада мечтал о ней и не пропускал не одного утренника с ее участием.

полный список катков прилагается. спаибо Nebo с доски.со.юк


Canary Wharf Ice Rink

Canary Wharf ice rink will be bubbling with festive cheer this winter in the iconic setting of Canary Wharf’s famous towers. The ice rink also features a cafe where you can relax with friends over a drink or two. Canary Wharf will be open from 17th November 2007 – 17th February 2008.

Natural History Museum Ice Rink

Londoners can go for a skate on a 1,000 metre ice rink in the spectacular setting of the Natural History Museum, or watch the fun from the sanctuary the cafe bar. A trip to the museum will make it a full day out for families in London at one of the city’s most popular attractions. The Natural History Museum ice rink will be operating from 8th November 2007 – 20th January 2008.

Tower of London Ice Rink

Enjoy ice skating at one of the most famous landmarks in London, located in the dry moat beneath the Tower of London North Wall. The Tower of London ice rink offers a truly unique outdoor ice skating experience, with plenty of fun to be had for skaters of all ages. The Tower of London ice rink is open from 24th November 2007 – 13th January 2008.

Kew Gardens Ice Rink

Londoners can enjoy outdoor ice skating in one of London’s prettiest locations at Kew Gardens ice rink. Have a magical time on ice in front of Temperate House and make the most of crisp afternoons and evenings this winter. Kew Gardens ice rink will be open from 25th November 2007 – 6th January 2008.

Windsor Ice Rink

The 800 square metre Windsor ice rink will be open at Alexandra Park for another season of ice skating in 2006. Skaters can spin and twirl on the ice in a grand Victorian setting, whilst enjoying spectacular views. Windsor ice rink will be operating from 8th December 2007 – 6th January 2008.

Greenwich Ice Rink

Wrap up and take a trip to Greenwich ice rink at the Old Royal Naval College for London ice skating in East London. One of a number of London ice rinks situated in traditional surroundings, the Greenwich outdoor London ice rink has established itself as a firm favourite in the London ice skating season. Greenwich ice rink is open from 8th December 2007 – 13th January 2008.

Hampton Court Ice Rink

Hampton Court ice rink has become a perennial favourite among Londoners during the London ice skating season. Open for a number of weeks during Christmas and New Year the Hampton Court ice rink features a special cafe, letting you soak in the atmosphere at Henry VIII’s historic red brick palace. Hampton Court ice rink is open from Saturday 1st December 2007 – Sunday 10th January 2008.

Somerset House Ice Rink

Somerset House London ice rink is back for another year of open-air ice skating in the Somerset House courtyard. Take advantage of the London ice skating season at one of the most beautiful ice rinks in the country. Evening ice rink sessions are also available for ice skating beneath the stars. Somerset House ice rink will be operating from 21st November 2007 – 27th January 2008.

Ice Disco at O2

The O2 arena plays host to a huge ice rink which covers over 900 square metres and is a great spot for some winter skating. They also have dedicated music nights to get the party really going, as well as a purpose made bar and viewing area for those looking to just sit back and relax. The Ice Disco at O2 is open from 10th November 2007 – 9th March 2008.


*я люблю кататься – была такая песня у “Тайм-аута”

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